About Company


About Al Raashid Marbles & Granite:-

Al Raashid Marbles And Granite was established In 1962 in India. In 1962, we have Our own land & Area 26 acres land in India. We was also starting since 2000 a factory outlet in Pune Or Mumbai. In 2005, Our Industry became more developed and start exporting in Gulf Country & European Country.

Al Raashid Marbles & Granite is the successful of commercial stone industry solely depends upon in Rock & Stones. We also supply in many big places of India. Our industry has evolved into the production & manufacturing of blocks, flooring slabs, sculptures cobbles, pebbles & landscape stones.

There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of the Marbles & Granite each one is unique in its pattern, design and structure. Our Industry also provide colored Marbles & it also became widely appreciated & used it had a wonderful texture, crystalline surface, grain & remarkable aesthetic properties. Our industry makes the floor luxurious.

Why Us :-

  • We use top notch raw materials and build quality products.
  • Our workforce is very well trained and are expert.
  • We have advance infrastructure which get upgraded regularly with latest technologies.
  • Our industry provide best quality of Marbles & Granite as much as we can.

Who We Are:-

Al Raashid Marbles And Granite, we can bear an immense amount of weight, we have been used in monolithic columns as well as supporting magnificient structures in private, religious & public buildings.

Over the years, Al Raashid Marbles And Granite has played a vital role in the excavation & development of exceptional quality Marbles. We have exported tons of good quality Marbles to its clients spread across the Country & the World which has eventually led to a satisfied customer experience.